Friday, 1 July 2016

Market Bounces Back!

Well, this is interesting the market has bounced back to where it was right before the "brexit" vote rocked the world markets a week ago! I guess its a lesson to everyone out there to just take it easy and invest well within yourselves and hopefully you'll be able to ride out these ups and downs.

Next few months could be interesting with Australian election results due in today and more importantly US election results and interest rate decisions... I'm not sure when the US will raise interest rates (that's the million dollar question) but once they start that process I'm forseeing another long period of market slumps and a possible continuation of the GFC. I don't htink the market will go much higher as the US indexes are at almost record highs and Australia could go a little higher but I really can't see it going that much higher. (possibly 5500)

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