Friday, 24 June 2016


WOW! What a day we've had on the global markets today, the day England decided they want to leave the Eurozone!

In my personal opinion (not that it means anything) I think England have voted the right way. I thought it was more a foregone conclusion they would leave but the final vote ended up being pretty close.

  • The GBP / USD copped an absolute hammering down 12% at one point - I don't tend to trade currencies as I don't really understand them so it didn't affect me in any direct way.
  • My favourate index the ASX200 at one point was down almost 4% but luckily I had positions hedged to go down so I actually made a bit of money while everyone else was panicking!
  • Most global indexes suffered similarly too

What has me puzzled is that most of the so called 'experts' tipped the Poms to stay in the Eurozone.... I can't see why myself but it goes to show that even the experts can mess it up from time to time, and to be fair these are some strange times we are trading through.  I thought it would be a landslide decision and in the end it was fairly close

 I guess as traders the only thing we can do to ride these things and I can assure you there will be plenty more of them as the US elections looms and then at somepoint the US will have to start raising interest rates is play well within your means expect this stuff to happen at any given point. I trade both ways (long and short) so this actually meant that I had the best day I've had all year :) 

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