Saturday, 16 July 2016


Over the last week or so, we've seen both US and UK markets recover from their lows after the "Brexit" crash to be at record highs just a couple of weeks later (even the Aus index is the highest it had been for a fair while as well)

Obviously I don't have a crystal ball and lets face it, some strange stuff has been going on in the markets these last couple of years... So I will re-iterate that you guys have to make your own decisions and live with them... but lets look at what has been going on for the last week or so

I've been looking at the data in my own trading platform and it indicates that 86% have shorted the FTSE and 88% shorting the WALL st Index with the SP500 telling a similar story at 81% . This may vary a little from broker to broker or where ever you get your information but it seems consistantly to be pointing to down trend and to be honest I've never really seen the markets shoot up from this point. It may not `"crash" but generally speaking it will correct within days.

From a purely 'graphical' point of view if you look at the SP500 / FTSE / ASX indexes, it looks set to drop (If past cycles are anything to go buy) but more importantly, what has changed in the world to drive the stock market up so fast? Not much really.... a seven or eight day winning streak is rarely backed up by further gains if you look at the index as a whole anyway here's a couple of articles from diffferent view points.... I guess all you can do is read and make your own decision!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Here's a cool site I've been reading lately.... good site, and now that doesn't seem to be working as well (it seems to keep jamming up on me) .... this is a great source of news.

Some useful tools like live charts and economic calendars ,,, if you already have a trading platform these should be on your platform but the general news is quite useful too

Friday, 1 July 2016

Market Bounces Back!

Well, this is interesting the market has bounced back to where it was right before the "brexit" vote rocked the world markets a week ago! I guess its a lesson to everyone out there to just take it easy and invest well within yourselves and hopefully you'll be able to ride out these ups and downs.

Next few months could be interesting with Australian election results due in today and more importantly US election results and interest rate decisions... I'm not sure when the US will raise interest rates (that's the million dollar question) but once they start that process I'm forseeing another long period of market slumps and a possible continuation of the GFC. I don't htink the market will go much higher as the US indexes are at almost record highs and Australia could go a little higher but I really can't see it going that much higher. (possibly 5500)