Friday, 4 March 2016


I know I said I'd do this a while ago, but I finally had some time to get to get in some serious practice with the binary markets.

I chose IQ option because they have a low buy in $10 (USD) and let you place bets as low as $1 a position. First time I deposited money I lost nearly all my bets and chewed up my $10 pretty fast. Admittedly I was still learning how to use the site and get a feel for these things. Second time however I started to get a little better and while I wasn't winning I was starting to hold my own and find a groove.  Still lost my money but this time I lasted a lot longer.

Third time I was definatley winning more than I was loosing and started to accumulate a balance.... my $10 went to $50 across the span of a week or so, so I decided to withdraw my original $10 deposit. I have to say after the horror stories I've been seeing on the internet I was dubious as to wether I'd get my $10 back, but yes ... it showed up on my credit card a few days later.

Now I'm starting to think there maybe something to this.. you do not have your entire capital at risk espeically if you are only betting 1-2% of your capital at any given time. I have been playing around with the 'turbo' options which have expiry times of less than a minute and a half and finding myself most successful with this particular option but they extend out to much longer up to a day or week. depending on how long you are prepared to sit in front of the computer you could increase / loose your balance pretty fast. I have had a few fairly intense sessions on this and usually seem to come out ahead

This is the site I have been using. It is fairly straight forward and easy to use in my opinion

This is a precursory article I wrote last year including a basic rundown on what binary options are: