Saturday, 22 August 2015


Ok, we got the domain name so now you can access this blog with the URL  - so bookmark it or remember it!~

I've posted some articles already focusing in on how to get started with share trading.... they are basic in nature and designed to get you started. I'm busy writing heaps more articles which will be appearing shortly so keep checking back and tell any friends you might have that are interested in share trading.

Before you start acting on anything in here, make sure you read the "ABOUT" section in this site... and then then start reading the "ARTICLES" page the posts most relevant to getting started will be listed there in the order they should be read. It will make much more sense that way than sifting through posts on the blog page... Got me?

Enjoy the page!

We'll set up a facebook / twitter and youtube pages in the near future as well!

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